I am originally from Canada, and I moved to the US about two years ago (transfer with my company).  So, here I am, living in Cincinnati, working for the man. 

Then, one day, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Paradies.  Andrew was starting a company www.photrade.com.  I started hearing more and more about his company.  I started to become really interested in his company.  I started to think his company was a great idea.  I started to think that HE had lots of great ideas. 

I joined the company (as VP marketing or CMO or something).  I now work for www.photrade.com.  I still have my other job, working for “The Man”.  I’m learning LOTS about online marketing.  I’m learning LOTS about the tech industry.  I’m learning LOTS about blogging and bloggers.  I’m making marketing plans.  I’m writing text for the site.  I’m talking to bloggers.  I’m on the verge of becoming a tech geek.  My friends look scared when I mention Second Life.  My friends look more scared when I tell them I have to “twitter someone” (question from one of my friends: “Are you dating someone?  Sounds sexual.”).

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