I am NOT a Photographer.

October 21, 2007 at 3:23 am (beautiful, camera, flower, images, photo, photography, photrade, pictures, sun, sunset)


I am lots of things.  Marketer, Daughter, Canadian, Female, Blond (well, dyed), Fun, 28, Single…the list could go on forever.


One thing I am not is a Photographer.  Seriously.  Then I started working at Photrade.  Talking to photographers.  Sounding like an idiot.  So, I thought, I should try to take some good pictures.  Maybe I’ll feel like less of a fraud (not that I ever claimed to be a photographer).

So, out I went, with my Canon Powershot in hand – and seriously – look at the results.

This makes me believe that ANYONE can be a photographer (OK, if you are a photographer please don’t kill me for saying that).  So, my photos are now posted on Photrade and hey – someone might even buy some.  I have some empty frames that I have been DYING to fill, so I think I’ll order some prints of the flower series……

Anyways, the point (if I can say I have one other than bragging about my pictures), is that ANYONE can take really great photos.  Ah the joys of technology.  Anywho, Photrade is invite only, but I do have a few invites hangin out in my back pocket, waiting for a rainy day.  So, if you post a comment I’ll share the the love back and hook you up with an invite.  Limited # though…….



  1. barbara said,

    All you need is a good eye. Good eye!

  2. Jim Karter said,

    Those are some good pictures. By the way how does this photrade thing works? Can you send me an invite, I would like to try them.
    Thank you. Nice pics, again.:D

  3. timsdd said,

    Anyone can but not many(out of the masses) put the time in. While a good eye helps, it’ll only get you so far! Trust me, I was blessed with an eye but until I learned the finer points…I was pedestrian at best.

  4. timsdd said,

    I’m in! Whoot!!! 🙂

  5. Nika Catbagan said,

    Hi there. I like the one with the wheel best. I’m also starting to take some pictures, but I’m not good at it yet. I only have a point and shoot camera at the moment. xD

  6. Dave said,

    Nice pics! You cant go wrong with a sunflower! I just read about Photrade, exciting ne website!!! I’d love an invite!!

  7. Lp said,

    Yeah I love the wheel too, great pic! I would love an invite if you have any left.

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