Walker, Texas Ranger

August 31, 2007 at 1:46 am (celebrities, funny, humor, Uncategorized)

OK, so I got home, turned on my TV and Walker Texas Ranger was on.  My initial reaction was to change the channel…..but alas, I was able to restrain myself.  A rewarding decision. 

First of all, Chuck is one of my personal heros (and my myspace friend).  After learning about Random Chuck Norris Facts (http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/) I fell in love.

Walker Texas Ranger is an amazing mix of bad acting, over acting, and deep meaningful storylines.

Second, the script writing in this show is phenominal.  Some of my fav quotes from the episode:

  • “I came to enlist your help.  See, I’m not the token N—-…”  Seriously, they just used that word – a word that even I am to uncomfortable to write.  Wasn’t this a christian show?  Seriously?  The N word, on day time television?
  • “Who the hell does that son-of-a-bitch think he is?”  “That son-of-a-bitch knows this country better than you know the warts on your wife’s backside.” “Well, why don’t we all line up and kiss his ass.” (In reference to Chuck, AKA walker).
  • Walker is about to die in a car….what does he do?  He chugs a beer (that sure as heck is what I would do).  Upon being rescued… Dude:”Ranger. Don’t die on me now dammit.  Dammit don’t die on me now.” Ranger: “Get me a beer kid”

This sent me on a quest to understand WHO wrote for this show and where else did their careers lead them.  Of the three “Creators” listed on the site, two of them haven’t done much, wheras one (a Canadian I might add) has gone on to write for The Black Donnellys, Flags of Our Fathers, Million Dollar Baby and some of the Bond Movies.  I was relieved to know that the talent has not gone to waste. 

Third, the apparel used in the show is absolutely wonderful.  Tight jeans, Chuck randomly with his shirt off, mullets, moustaches, afros.  All of my favorite styles in one show.  What more could one ask for.

Finally, there is a midget (errrr – little person?) in a wheelchair.  Seriously.  What more could you ask for in a show?  Wonderfulness.  Sheer unadulterated wonderfulness.

This is why Chuck Norris is hot.


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Don’t Diss the ‘Nati

August 11, 2007 at 6:27 pm (cincinnati, concerts, Friends, images, life, photo, photography, pictures, Uncategorized)

Seriously.  Seriously?  Seriously.

Its like, 108 degrees out.  And muggy.  And hot.  Maybe this is why I’m hot.

So I live in Cincinnati Ohio.  Yes, the glamorous, bustling metropolis of Cincinnati.  I moved here from Toronto.  Yes, the glamorous, blusting metropolis of Toronto.  When my company asked me to relocate to Cincinnati my exact words were “….well, in general I hesitate to use the word never but I am pretty strongly opposed to the idea”.  Good thing I didn’t say never.

OK, so the point.  Cincinnatians, and relocated Cincinnatians are always dissin’ the ‘Nati.  Really, it isn’t thatbad.  So, the reason for the diss – it’s in the midwest, its a little dated, extremely non-urban, awful downtown development…..oh, and did I mention its in the midwest.  And 108 degrees today.  And Muggy.  And this is why I’m hot.

But seriously, there are TONS of pro’s if you are an open-minded person willing to try new things.  Tons of sports teams to play on (I now captain a flag football team and play like, 5 other sports, seriously), sports to watch (Reds and Bengals), cheap arts (opera, ballet, musicals, museums), great concerts (I’ve been to like 20 since moving here – so cheap and easy to get tickets to), fun bars (OK, not many, but enough), and its uber-cheap.  I have experienced more of the arts and gone to more concerts in my two years in Cincinnati, than in the entire time I lived in Toronto.  Crazy. Oh yeah – and I have met lots of really GRRREEEAAATTTTT people here 😉

Me and the ladies 🙂

Dressed up and chewin’ some dip at the Sweet Brooks & Dunn Concert (did I mention I don’t really even like country music??)

And the next night, dressed as “Disgruntled Youths” for the Fall Out Boy Concert.

Maybe I just don’t like to be negative (doubtful), but I really don’t think that Cincinnati is that bad.  Being open to new experiences and trying new things has made Cincinnati a great place for me.  Seriously.  Try it.  Wherever you live, find one new thing to do every week.  You’ll discover so much about yourself and the city you live in.  And don’t be afraid to go places alone.  Its scary at first, but very empowering.

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