From the Archives – Ice, Ice Baby – My Ephemeral Brush with Celebrity

July 31, 2007 at 12:15 am (celebrities, funny, humor, Uncategorized)

Last night (March 1) a momentous event occurred – I “met” (and by met I mean touched – TWICE!!!) Vanilla Ice.  Does that make me a celebrity?  Maybe.  Does it make me a better person?  Probably.  Does it make me more interesting?  Definitely. My encounter with the has-been pseudo celebrity was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

First, Vanilla Ice was scheduled to “appear” at a bar in ….. Cincinnati.  Not sing (does he “sing”), or perform – there wasn’t even a stage – just be there so that people like me could touch him and later brag about it. 

If he did perform, does he even have songs other than Ice, Ice Baby?  Upon arriving home I searched for Vanilla Ice on myspace (the only reputable place to garner information about someone).  I was surprised to note that Vanilla Ice has a number of other songs – he has actually made 7 albums in total – starting with “Hooked” in 1989 (which featured Ice Ice Baby). 

The next stop in my quest to learn more about the artist was  Opening quote from the biography page – “It’s a true story that Video Killed the Radio Star because music should not be about image. Music should be about the music! I learned the hard way.”  Poor Vanilla.  So, if he is about the music, then what’s up with an appearance where he doesn’t even perform?  “I will never be a puppet for the industry again. From this point on I will keep it real. That’s why I didn’t change the name. It doesn’t mean anything; it’s only a label.”  Does this make any sense?  Seriously.

I worked on my pick-up line for hours….(while making a sexy face) “Alright stop, collaborate and listen, Krista’s back with a brand new invention.  Vanilla, grab a hold of me tightly, do me like a harpoon daily and nightly.  Will you ever stop?  Yo, I don’t know…”   Meaningful.  But alas, when the big moment came and I was face to face with Vanilla I froze….I merely touched him and remarked about the alarmingly large number of tats that he had.  Damn.   

After collecting myself I went back and to try again – this time, I brought him a sweet Coors Light (given to me free by a Coors rep).  I approached him… “Vanilla – I bought you a drink”….”Aw that’s sweet – did you really buy me a drink?  Thanks, but I have drinks back here sweetie”.  Rejected!  He probably thought I put Roofies in it – and I probably should have……  My dream of dating a former celebrity was gone in an instant.   

So, my fleeting brush with a celebrity and chance for fame and stardom ended uneventfully, and all I have left is the knowledge (and the warm fuzzy feeling that it gives me inside) that I touched Vanilla Ice.  Twice. Sadly no pics for this one.  Damn.  I need to bring my camera EVERYWHERE with me. 


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Your “Online Self”

July 28, 2007 at 8:45 pm (blogging, Friends, fun, images, photo, photography, pictures, Uncategorized)

Top of mind today is the whole notion of your “online self” or what information/pictures/data about yourself you allow online.

For me, this is a particularly difficult question.  I like to go out and have fun with my friends, and my friends and I all post our photos online.  These are photos of me, in my free time, having fun (and possibly getting a little out of hand) with my friends.

Now, since these photos are on the internet, they could theoretically end up anywhere. Hmmmm.  Scary thought.  Does it matter?  Well – maybe.  So, I thought I would search for myself and see what came up.  What could someone find if they looked me up?

Test 1 – Googling myself.  Wwwwweeeeehhhhh.  The only things that came up were some organizations I was involved in in college, a photo taken by a local newspaper at an event, and my involvement in photrade.  So, I safely passed the google search.  Awesome.  Passed test 1.

Test 2 – Social Networking –  (which will definitely have worse results) my myspace and facebook accounts.  On facebook I’m pretty safe, since I can control who has access to view my page, although there are some interesting photos where I have been tagged by others.  Myspace results…..hhhmmmmm……not so great.  My myspace page is primarily where I connect with my friends and there are a number of photos that are maybe not overly appropriate (and involve alcohal and low cut shirts), but would just show that I like to go out and have a good time with my friends 🙂  Hmmmm this is a half pass.

Test 3 – Triangulation.  So throught triangulation – between my blogs, social networks and other affiliations, people could probably 1) figure out who I am, and 2) view photos on multiple sites posted by me.  Not so good.  My photrade pics (which anyone can see through this link) vary in content, and I have actually had a few people comment on some of them (YIKES).  My NAME isn’t associated with these, but I think that people could probably triangulate to who I really am through this.  This test is probably failed. 

OK, so I kind of failed – in that there are photos (taken in good fun with friends) that could give people a less than favorable impression of me.

The next question is – does it matter?  Should I care?  So what if people can see pictures with me out having a good time and consuming adult beverages with my friends?  Who is going to look at this stuff and judge me?  Potential future employers?  Business Schools (if I ever want to apply)?  My family?  My coworkers? 

I think that a fact of life is that people will judge you based on anything they know about you.  Should I care?  Does it matter than strangers might judge me based on some random photo they find of me?  Probably not.  But the reality is that I probably need to care.  Not because I think that it is right for people to care or judge me based on these things, but because they inevitably will. 

Also I work for, (and therefore feel that I personally represent) a company.  Should they care?  Is it unprofessional?  I am professional in my work and my work relations, I produce strong results and conduct myself appropriately and professionally in the office and at work functions.  Why should what I do on my free time matter.

Hmmmm – I think that I need to go and set some of my photos to private (a great photrade feature lets you do this).I’d love to know what people think about this topic……..

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Homeward Bound – (Soon I hope)!

July 25, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Friends, fun, images, photo, photography, Uncategorized)

I haven’t been home since Christmas.  Its amazing how easy it can be to get caught up with life and all of a sudden, 7 months later I still haven’t made it home.  It always seems like a bad time to go (uber-lame excuse).  So, since its been so long, I have to admit, I’m feeling a little homesick.  What does that even mean? 

 According to Urban Dictionary – Homesick -Acutely longing for one’s family or home.  Interesting.  I will actually be returning in a few weeks for the “August Long Weekend” – A Canadian holiday, just a random excuse for a long weekend in August.

So, in honor of my feelings for the day, I wanted to share some pictures of Toronto…… I love Toronto – seriously, one of the greatest cities EVER.  I hope that you enjoy my photographs!

Photo of the CN Tower – (Americans often refer to this as “the giant needle thing”) – one of the great landmarks in Toronto.  I used to see this every day on my walk to work, from my apartment window and rooftop deck…..ahhhh…..the memories.

So apparenlty I have very few photos from Toronto on my computer.  I’ll have to take more when I’m home.  Stay posted in eary August for photographs of Toronto – then you’ll really understand why I love Toronto 🙂

Photo from when my Friends came to visit in May – I think it held my homesickness at bay for a little bit.  But now it seems so long ago.

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Did I sell my soul to a company?

July 24, 2007 at 2:52 am (company, fun, images, marketing, photography, pictures, Uncategorized, work)

OK, so I’m assuming that some of the people viewing this are doing so because of my random comments and posts about  As I post comments, I kind of feel like a sell-out….am I a spammer (such a dirty word)?  Me?  No.  I have integrity.  So…..whats the dillio?

A few months ago I started working with this company  I think that we have a breakthough business model that really will help bloggers.  So, I’m here, trying to spread the word.  That is the nasty, naked truth.  I feel so strongly that this is a great idea that I want to tell people about it – in whatever ways possible.  And yes, that may mean posting comments about the site on your photo blogs.  Honestly, I really think that this site will help the blogging community in so many ways.  

 If you have the patience to read another few paragraphs I’ll tell you why.  First, bloggers are a large, (and quickly growing) powerful group, yet few companies are actively creating products to meet the needs of bloggers.  Second, there are TONS of online companies making mucho denero off of traffic generated by users without rewarding the users.  We believe that people who bring the traffic should be rewarded.  Sooooo what is our business model…… make a photosharing site specifically for bloggers AND reward them for driving traffic to our site.

How is photrade different?  2 ways: First – we have great blogger features.  We have a photrade badge that lets you post a photo collage on your site, we have cool uploading tools, make photos easy to share and we let you comment, tag and rate photos.  Second (and more importantly) we create revenue for our users.  Users can earn money from ad revenue when they host photos on their site or through our proprietary Picture In Picture Adversiting, which puts the ad right in the photo.  Users can also earn money by selling their photos for any price.  If you are a photographer, or even a blogger with great photos, you can earn money every time someone orders one of your prints.

 So, to answer the question – did I sell my soul to a company?  The answer is no.  I really believe in the vision of photrade and think that this site can help so many people.

Sorry if you felt “spammed” or like I was taking advantage of your comments, but seriously, try the site and tell me what you think.  We really are committed to making the best blogger photo site and would love to hear your feedback and ideas.

 Help spread the word.  Help us help you.


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July 23, 2007 at 12:11 am (beautiful, images, photography, pictures, Uncategorized)

Sunset – My favorite time of day.   

The day is over. The sun is setting.

For a brief moment, the sun sets and the sky erupts with colour.  Peaceful.  The chaos of the day dissappears as night descends.  A time to reflect on the beauty in the world.  A break from reality.

View all of my photos at

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